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Why do aluminum profiles for doors and windows often use fluorocarbon spraying?

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Update time : 2022-09-14 19:41:02
The reason why the aluminum profiles of doors and windows are sprayed with fluorocarbon
1. Fluorocarbon spraying is a kind of electrostatic spraying, and it is also a method of liquid spraying. It belongs to high-grade spraying, and the price is higher.
2. In recent years, it has been widely used in aluminum veneer curtain walls and building doors and windows. Due to its excellent characteristics, it is more and more valued and favored by consumers.
3. Fluorocarbon spraying has excellent anti-fading, anti-blooming, anti-corrosion resistance to atmospheric pollution (acid rain, etc.), strong anti-ultraviolet ability, strong crack resistance and ability to withstand harsh weather environments, which is beyond the reach of general coatings of.
4. Although the cost of doors and windows treated with fluorocarbon paint is slightly higher, the quality is much better than that of ordinary spraying. Common aluminum profiles such as sun rooms, KFC doors, and revolving doors use high-temperature baking fluorocarbon paint.
5. Fluorocarbon paint refers to the paint with fluororesin as the main film-forming substance.
6. Among various coatings, fluororesin coatings have particularly excellent properties due to the large electronegativity of the introduced fluorine element and strong carbon-fluorine bond energy, such as weather resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, and chemical resistance. And has a unique non-stick and low friction.
Analysis of the advantages of fluorocarbon spraying:
1. Excellent anti-corrosion performance - thanks to excellent chemical inertness, the paint film is resistant to acids, alkalis, salts and other chemicals and various chemical solvents, providing a protective barrier for the substrate; the paint film is tough - high surface hardness , Impact resistance, buckling resistance, good wear resistance, showing excellent physical and mechanical properties.
2. Maintenance-free, self-cleaning - fluorocarbon coating has extremely low surface energy, surface dust can be self-cleaned by rainwater, excellent hydrophobicity (maximum water absorption rate is less than 5%) and oil repellency, extremely small friction coefficient (0.15 - 0.17 ), will not stick to dust and scale, and has good antifouling properties.
3. Strong adhesion - it has excellent adhesion on the surfaces of aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other metals, polyester, polyurethane, vinyl chloride and other plastics, cement, composite materials, etc., and basically shows that it should be attached to any material. characteristics. High Decorative - In a 60 degree glossmeter, it can achieve a high gloss of more than 80%.
4. Super long weather resistance - The coating contains a large number of F--C bonds, which determines its super stability, no chalking, no fading, and a service life of up to 20 years, which is more durable than any other type of coating. for excellent performance.
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