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Which nuts in aluminum profile accessories are installed first and which are installed later?

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Update time : 2022-10-18 09:58:22
If you want to assemble the aluminum profile frame, the bolts and nuts are used more. However, the bolts and nuts are also divided into first and post-installation, which are often referred to as front nuts and rear nuts. Let me explain to you which nuts are installed first and which nuts are installed later?
The nut to be installed first needs to be fixed in the groove of the aluminum profile first, and then other accessories are installed. Like square nut, flangee nut and slide nut, they need to be pre-buried in the aluminum profile groove during installation, which belongs to the first nut.
The rear-mounted nut can be fixed on the aluminum profile accessories first, and then fixed in the aluminum profile groove, like T-Nut block, elastic nut block is used in this way.
The difference between the first nut and the latter nut is that if you forget to put the first nut when installing the aluminum profile frame, you can only disassemble the assembled frame and reassemble it. Don't worry if you forget to put the rear nut. Because the rear-mounted nut itself is a nut connector that is placed after the connection, even if you want to change the frame in the later stage, it is still possible.
Whether it is a front nut or a rear nut, the existence of these aluminum profile accessories makes the whole aluminum profile frame have the following advantages:
1. Save time:
Due to the simple manufacturing process, a lot of labor costs can be saved; especially when reworking due to manufacturing errors, using these aluminum profile accessories to complete the frame construction can save several times the labor time.
2. High manufacturing precision:
Since there is no thermal welding in the manufacturing process, the material is not deformed and the assembly accuracy is high; while the traditional materials using thermal welding will deform more or less, thus affecting the final assembly accuracy.
3. Gorgeous look:
Equipment with industrial aluminum profiles has a more modern appearance and its unique anodized coating is more stable than existing coating methods.
4. The production process of aluminum profiles is simple:
It only needs to be designed, cut, drilled and assembled, while traditional materials usually go through complex processes such as design, cutting, drilling, welding, sandblasting, surface treatment, and surface spraying.
5. Reusable materials:
Since the parts using industrial aluminum profiles are not thermally welded during the entire manufacturing process, all parts can be easily disassembled, and all materials and accessories can be reused; however, due to the high cost of cutting deformation and disassembly, traditional materials are rarely reused.
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