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What are the reasons for the formation of "adsorbed particles"?

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Update time : 2022-10-26 19:37:12
In the extrusion process of aluminum radiator profiles, common defects are bending, twisting, deformation, slag inclusions, etc. However, it is difficult to spot "adsorbed particles" defects without careful observation or contact. The harm is: in the production process of electrophoresis and spraying profiles, it is difficult to remove, which affects the appearance of the profiles and produces waste products. The main reasons for the formation of "adsorbed particles" are as follows:
1. The influence of casting quality
The quality of cast rods is an important factor affecting the surface and extrusion of aluminum radiator profiles. The formation of "adsorbed particles" is closely related to the quality of cast rods. Common structural defects of cast rods include slag inclusions, looseness, coarse grains, segregation, and brightness. All these cast rod defects have one thing in common, that is, poor welding of the cast rod matrix, resulting in discontinuous flow of the matrix, which is an important factor for the formation of "adsorbed particles".
2. The influence of mold
In extrusion production, the mold works under high temperature and high pressure, which will produce elastic deformation. The working belt of the die starts parallel to the extrusion direction. After being pressed, the working belt deforms into a trumpet shape, and only the cutting edge of the working belt contacts the sticky aluminum formed by the heat sink aluminum profile, which is similar to the blade knob of a turning tool. During the process of forming the bonded aluminium, the aluminium radiator profiles continuously take out the particles and adhere to the surface of the profile, resulting in "adsorbed particles".
3. The influence of extrusion process
Whether the extrusion process parameters are correct is also an important factor affecting the "adsorption of particles". The higher the extrusion temperature, the faster the extrusion speed and the more adsorbed particles. Due to the higher extrusion temperature and speed, the profile flow rate is faster, and the mold the greater the degree of deformation, the faster the metal flow, and the relative weakening of the metal's deformation resistance, which makes it easier to form the phenomenon of sticking to aluminum.
The influencing factors of "adsorbed particles" are mainly casting rods, molds and extrusion processes. The operation level of operators is also reflected in these three elements. On the basis of production practice, through continuous analysis of problems and experience summarization, it is possible to reduce or avoid "adsorbed particles", greatly improving the yield and production efficiency of aluminum radiator profiles.
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