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Understand the technical requirements for aluminum radiator profiles extrusion?

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Update time : 2022-12-09 17:21:49
Aluminum profiles are widely used in aluminum radiator profiles because of the advantages of light weight and beautiful appearance, good thermal conductivity and easy machining into complex shapes. There are three main types of aluminum radiator profiles: Flat and wide, comb or fishbone; Circular or oval outside heat sink is radial, branch shape. Some of the products with smaller size and symmetrical shape are easier to produce. Most of the aluminum radiator profiles are flat and wide, with larger dimensions. Some are asymmetrical, and the depth to width ratio between the radiator fin is very large. It is necessary to cooperate with ingot, mould and extrusion process to produce aluminum radiator profiles smoothly. At present, 6063 alloy is commonly used, because it has good extrusion, thermal conductivity, and good mechanical properties.
1. Quality requirements for ingot
The surface of the ingot should be smooth, and it is not allowed to stick to sand and mud. The end face of the ingot should be flat, and it can not be cut into the shape of a step or the tangent slope is too large (the tangent slope should be within 3㎜).
2. Requirements for molds
Because the molds of aluminum radiator profiles are many elongated teeth that have to withstand a lot of extrusion pressure, each tooth must have high strength and toughness. If there is a big difference in the performance of each other, it is easy to make those teeth with poor strength or toughness fracture. Therefore, the quality of die steel must be reliable, the use of reliable quality manufacturers to produce steel, or choose high quality imported steel.
3. Extrusion pressure should be reduced as far as possible in order to prevent mold broken teeth, and extrusion pressure is related to the length of the ingot, the size of alloy deformation resistance, the state of the ingot, the size of the deformation degree and other factors. Therefore, the cast rod processed by extrusion aluminum radiator profiles should not be too long, which is about 0.6 to 0.85 times the length of the normal cast rod.
4. Extrusion process
The key to the production of aluminum radiator profiles is the first test of the extrusion mould. If possible, you can first do a simulation test on the computer to see if the working belt of the mould design is reasonable, and then test the mould on the extrusion machine. A mold test is very important, the operator should let the main plunger forward pressure at a low pressure of less than 8MPa slow forward, someone with a flashlight light to look after the mold outlet, such as extrusion mold each heat sink is evenly extruded out of the mold hole, in order to gradually pressurize and accelerate the extrusion.
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