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The basic method and characteristic of surface treatment of aluminium profile?

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Update time : 2022-07-25 09:56:22
1. Surface mechanical treatment
Mechanical treatment methods for aluminum profiles include sandblasting, shot peening, brushing or polishing to provide uniform, smooth, smooth or textured, or even shiny surface for further surface treatment; Mechanical treatment is generally not the final measure of surface treatment, usually only as a means of pretreatment;
2. Surface chemical treatment
Generally there are chemical pretreatment and chemical conversion treatment; The former is not the final surface treatment measures, such as degreasing, alkali washing, pickling, light and chemical polishing, is to make the surface of the aluminum profile clean, no oxide film or bright surface state, in order to ensure and improve the quality of the subsequent surface treatment (such as anodic oxidation); And chemical conversion treatment, such as chromatization, phosphorous chromatization, chromium-free chemical conversion, etc., may be the bottom layer of the spraying layer, but also a final surface treatment means; Chrome film is a protective film for aluminum profiles. Electroless nickel plating on aluminum profile surface can also be said to be a kind of surface chemical treatment to get metal coating;
3. Surface electrochemical treatment
The anodic oxidation film of aluminum profiles is widely used, which is an important method to solve the protection, decoration and function of aluminum. Micro-arc oxidation, also known as spark anodization and micro-plasma oxidation, is the result of electrochemical process and physical discharge process. Anodic oxide films are usually amorphous alumina, while micro-arc oxide films contain a considerable amount of crystalline alumina. This is a high temperature phase with high hardness, so the hardness of micro-arc oxidation film is particularly high, and the wear resistance is particularly good;
4. Spray organic polymer coating
At present, the organic polymers widely used in industry are polyacrylic acid resin (electrophoresis coating), polyester (powder spraying), polyvinylidene fluoride (fluorocarbon coating) and so on; Polyester powder is the main component of electrostatic powder spraying, which is generally sprayed on the chemical conversion film of aluminum profiles, and has been widely used in aluminum profiles. Polyacrylic resin water-soluble coating as electrophoretic coating has been used for many years, solvent acrylic coating can also be sprayed with electrostatic liquid film; Fluorocarbon coatings are also sprayed with electrostatic liquid and are now considered to be the best weathering coatings; But solvent-based coating is inevitably one of the toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC) will cause air pollution, and there is the danger of fire; Europe has developed a new generation of highly durable powder with weatherability close to fluorocarbon coating, and included in the European coating specification, known as class II powder.
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