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How to improve the using characteristics of aluminum extrusion profile

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Update time : 2022-11-07 19:22:34
Nowadays, aluminum extrusion profile is an indispensable part of machine and equipment to produce and process a lot of commodities. With the rapid development of industrial production, the high efficiency of aluminum extrusion profile can be further improved, so as to create higher economic earnings. For cold extrusion, the work efficiency is improved, which represents the solution of the sewage, so that it does not dissolve dirt and harm the characteristics of the machine and equipment. Second, the working pressure in the cold aluminum extrusion profile is further increased, which is generally maintained according to the pressurized water pump.
In order to maintain the quality of the equipment, be sure to according to reduce the repair rate of equipment to improve efficiency, but also to clean up the work on time, on the other hand, the cold extruded aluminium profiles of the operating efficiency of the ascension, can also according to improve the area of the fluid mechanics in order to develop, then be sure to change the initial channel tube with the diameter of the riser, the original series of products series hose conversion, It can increase the water flow into the cooling tower, reasonably reduce the amount of oil and organic exhaust gas temperature, and improve the efficiency of machinery and equipment.
Extrusion molding compound pipe cooling is optional, when extrusion feed tube in the process of production generally dark yellow, able to refrigeration, symmetry and not easy to increase the temperature, if used in extrusion processing metal ceramic alloy mold, do not use cooling water to avoid die crack, when the surface of the cooling water feed tube extrusion, cooling is symmetrical, refrigeration, be sure to remove the surface attached to the air oxide skin to ensure the quality of the aluminum extrusion profile surface of commodity.
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