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How about 4080 industrial aluminum profile for mechanical frame?

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Update time : 2022-11-23 19:28:53
Industrial aluminum profile frame is one of the extension products widely used in industrial aluminum profile. Can be used to make a variety of equipment support, load-bearing skeleton, etc. So what are the characteristics of the high-quality industrial aluminum profile frame made of 4080 profile?
1. 4080 Industrial aluminum has high flatness
4080 industrial aluminum profile frame structure should be reasonable, and the surface flatness should be high, no concave-convex flat line tolerance is small, 4080 aluminum profile frame will be uniform force, applied in the frame structure of a type of machinery, fast construction, special matching fittings assembly, in order to extend the service life and avoid bending deformation.
2. The anodic oxidation tone of aluminum profile surface is consistent
Good industrial aluminum profile frame should be the overall tone unity. This requires the user to distinguish when purchasing the frame aluminum profile. Excellent frame aluminum profiles are surface treated, the common colors are silver, black, gold, stainless steel color and so on. If the recycled aluminum is used to produce the frame aluminum profiles, the surface will appear dark, and the color is uneven. If you want the aluminum profile frame to be beautiful and beautiful, remember to use the uniform tone of the frame aluminum profile to build.
3. Aluminum and connecting accessories
The connection between 4080 industrial aluminum profiles is assembled with built-in connecting accessories; Such as accessories: corner code, 3D connectors, L-shaped connectors, etc., different aluminum accessories selection specifications are different, aluminum installation is simple and easy to operate.
4. The assembled rack has good stability
4080 industrial aluminum profile to build a good frame to be safe, stable and not shaking and bearing capacity is good; This is related to the quality of the frame aluminum profile and the overall frame structure and connection mode; Design frame engineering will be selected according to the requirements, here is just 4080 aluminum profile as a reference.
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