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Considerations for custom ladder aluminum extrusion profiles

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Update time : 2022-09-21 19:22:54
Ladder aluminum extrusion profile can also be called aluminum alloy climbing ladder, industrial maintenance platform, aluminum profile climbing ladder and so on. It is made of industrial aluminum profiles as the structure, and needs to be matched with different material anti-skid plates. Ladder aluminum extrusion profile can not only be used as a fixed channel between two different height planes, but also can be used as a mobile mechanical equipment maintenance platform. Ladder aluminum extrusion profile is a working ladder that can be fixed at a high place. There is no fixed size, and it can be customized according to its actual needs. What are the matters needing attention when customizing ladder aluminum extrusion profile?
1. Material selection
There are many specifications and models of industrial aluminum profiles. Different aluminum alloy profiles are used in different places. For example, when customizing the ladder aluminum extrusion profile, the aluminum profile of the main load-bearing structure needs to use large-sized aluminum alloy profiles, such as 90 series and 100 series aluminum alloy profiles. However, for the aluminum profiles of the guardrail and the pedal part, we can use slightly lighter aluminum alloy profiles. For example, 3030 industrial aluminum profiles and 4040 aluminum alloy profiles. Ladder aluminum extrusion profiles made from materials like this are stronger and lighter.
2. Inclination angle of step stairs:
It is customized according to the actual situation. Generally, the inclination angle of the ladder ranges from 45 degrees to 60 degrees. The 45-degree angle is more ergonomic and easy to climb up and down. And 60 degrees is a better angle when the space is relatively limited.
3. The choice of skid plate
The material selection of the pedal anti-skid plate is mostly aluminum alloy stripe plate, the anti-skid grade is R10, which is generally anti-skid. Aluminum alloy grid plate, anti-skid grade R12, suitable for industries with high anti-skid grade. There is also an aluminum alloy crocodile mouth punching plate with a non-slip grade of R13, which is suitable for use in occasions with a lot of oil pollution.
4. Span and load-bearing of ladder aluminum extrusion profile
If the span is relatively large, more load-bearing support is required. If the conditions do not allow for additional load-bearing support, we can also use large-sized aluminum profiles for processing, otherwise the aluminum profiles are very prone to bending deformation.
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