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Are aluminum window shutters rainproof?

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Update time : 2022-10-17 20:32:12
Aluminum window shutters keep rain out. The characteristics of rainproof aluminum alloy shutters are ventilated and breathable. The manual knob or push rod motor is used to drive the internal connecting rod to move to realize the turning function of the aluminum window shutters. maximum ventilation effect can be obtained when the temperature is low.
Rainproof shutters are used in computer rooms or other public places that require ventilation, rainproof, heat insulation and air conditioning. It has the advantages of single-layer rain-proof shutters, and the staff can adjust the opening of the rain-proof shutters according to the indoor temperature or ventilation requirements.
Single-layer rain-proof shutters are divided into vertical and horizontal. They are mainly used for the facade and top sunshade of large shopping malls, exhibition halls, garages and other places, and also have the function of anti-theft insurance. The biggest feature of the single-layer rain-proof shutter is that the light can be adjusted arbitrarily from different angles, so that the natural light in the room is full of changes.
Aluminum window shutters can prevent rain and have the following characteristics:
1. Light weight and high strength: Since aluminum alloy materials are mostly hollow-core and thin-walled composite sections, which are easy to use, reduce weight, and have high flexural strength in the section, the doors and windows made are durable and have little deformation.
2. Beautiful appearance: After the aluminum alloy surface is treated by anodized telephone, it can be in various colors, which can be selected arbitrarily. After oxidation, it is smooth and shiny. The sash frame is large and can be inlaid with a larger area of ​​glass, so that the indoor light is sufficient and bright, and the contrast between the interior and exterior facades is enhanced, which can make the living room more layered.
3. Better sealing: the aluminum alloy itself is easy to extrude, the cross-sectional size of the profile is accurate, and the processing is accurate. Optional sealing materials with good waterproofness, elasticity and durability, such as rubber beading and silicone series sealants. In terms of profiles, various sealing strip fixing grooves have been completed together with the section in the extrusion process, creating favorable conditions for the installation of seam sealing materials.
4. Strong corrosion resistance: The aluminum alloy oxide layer generally does not fade, does not fall off, is not easy to be altered, is easy to maintain, and does not need to be repaired.
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